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    Durable glasses for all occasions

    Discover our beautiful and durable acrylic glasses that look and feel like real glass. Luxurious glasses with engraved patterns that are perfect for a boat trip, the balcony, or a picnic.

    Caprice jug acrylic

    Caprice jug

    Serve your drinks in a delightful pitcher.
    Cool off with a cold drink on hot summer days. The Caprice pitcher is perfect for serving all types of cold beverages.
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    Caprice wine glass acrylic 6-pack

    Caprice Wine Glass

    Ideal for packing in the picnic basket.
    Caprice wine glasses are made of durable acrylic, making them perfect for taking on outings.
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    Caprice champagne glass acrylic 6-pack

    Caprice champagne glass

    Toast with unbreakable glasses
    Champagne glasses that combine both style and durability, perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.
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    Caprice Lowball Glass Acrylic 6-pack

    Caprice Lowball Glass

    Glass with a beautiful pattern.
    Lowball glasses perfect for water, whiskey, or cocktails. Or even for serving a summery dessert at the picnic!
    Caprice highball-glass acrylic 6-pack

    Caprice highball-glass

    Festive glasses for all occasions.
    Mix a delightful cocktail or serve a cold lemonade in our durable acrylic highball glasses.
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