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    Exclusive table-setting collection

    We invite you to discover the Palladio Collection. It is our most exclusive collection of plates and cups, manufactured of the finest bone china. Palladio has a wide border with an iconic, tiny raised seashell pattern, framed on each side by a decorative silver rim. It is an exquisite collection for unsurpassed elegance and luxury.


    Luxurious elegance

    Palladio is an exclusive collection of bone china, which is a strong and resilient material with a distinct, white lustre. Because of its strength, it can be manufactured quite thin, which exudes elegance and grace. It is a beloved, collectible item to become one of your treasured family heirlooms.

    Palladio dinner plate, 6-pack
    SET OF 6

    Palladio dinner plate

    Decorate your table setting.
    This beautiful dinner plate from the Palladio Collection has the distinctive white lustre of bone china, the iconic Palladio pattern and silver rims. On a plate like this, everything tastes exquisite!
    Palladio side plate, 6-pack
    SET OF 6

    Palladio side plate

    Charming side plate to complete your table setting.
    The Palladio Side Plate adds that extra flair of elegance to your table setting. Set the side plate on top of Palladio Dinner Plate and then present your menu on it as the finishing touch.
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    Classic patterns

    The pattern of all pieces in the Palladio Collection is a wide border with a discrete seashell pattern in warm nuances. It exudes classic elegance that can be appreciated and admired by all.

    Palladio coffee cup, 6-pack
    SET OF 6

    Palladio coffee cup

    Exquisite white bone china cup
    It is pure joy to be served coffee from this bone china cup from the Palladio Collection. The delicacy and fine details are unsurpassed it makes the entire coffee-drinking experience even more delicious!
    Palladio deep plate, 6-pack
    SET OF 6

    Palladio deep plate

    Exquisite deep plate to enhance your meal.
    We proudly present the most elegant deep plate you could possibly imagine. With its gorgeous seashell pattern set against the pristine white bone china, could it possibly be more exquisite?
    In stock for fast delivery
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    Set the table for a festive occasion

    Creating a beautiful table setting is a bit like painting a masterpiece. Impress your guests by giving the Palladio Collection the lead role at your next dinner party, complemented by silver accessories, fine cutlery and exquisite glasses.

    Abbey Butter Dome

    Abbey Butter Dome

    Add an elegant silver butter dome to your table setting.
    Abbey Butter Dome in silver adds an elegant touch to your table setting. Serving your guests butter from an elegant silver butter dome makes a stylish impression.
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